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The Senior Scoop is the official ice cream flavor of UConn’s graduating class. Created annually by seniors and produced by the UConn Dairy Bar, the winning flavor stands as an edible tribute to Husky Pride. Special thanks to everyone who has helped to create or name one of our delicious flavors. 

Class of 2020

“You Matter Cake Batter”
Cake batter with brownie pieces and mocha fudge swirl

Flavor created by: Daniel Barry, Benjamin Hood, Brianna Kinnie, and Anusha Vissapragada

Flavor named by: Lily DeBlasio

Class of 2019

“Peanut Pretzel Paw Prints”
Vanilla ice cream with chocolate covered pretzels and peanut butter caramel swirl

Flavor created by: Flannery Mackin, Maeve Manfredi, Kylie Miller, Syed Naqvi, Madison Ready, and Jordan Shauck

Flavor named by: Sabreena Mei

Class of 2018

“Charter Oats”
Sweet Cream ice cream with oatmeal cookie crumbles and caramel swirl

Flavor created by: Sara Borrello, Allison Contillo, Julia Maurer, and Kelsey Riesbeck

Flavor named by: Cecilia Estanislao

Class of 2017

“Berry Happy Husky”
Black raspberry ice cream with dark chocolate chunks and raspberry swirl

Flavor created by: Sarah Connors, Alyssa Jones

Flavor named by: Isabel Nip

Class of 2016

“Coffee Heathbarn Hill”
Coffee ice cream with Heath Bar pieces and a fudge ripple

Flavor created by: Kendra Andrada, Danielle Brainard, Frederick Bretherton, Megan Ceva, Nicole Furman, Alyssa Gilson, Billie Goh, Riley Hasson, Brielle Lanese, Michelle Malz, Erin McMahon, Taylor Merrow, Ashley Mooney, Meghan Ryan, and Margaret Zimmer

Flavor named by: Patrick M. Smith

Class of 2015

“S’more Husky Pride”
Vanilla ice cream with brownie pieces and graham cracker swirl

Flavor created by: Steven Albert, Kristin Anderson, Emily Bak, Patrick Burke, Whitney Hauswirth, David Ives, Catherine Oliver, Chinonye Otuonye, Julian Rose, Katrina Zawasky

Flavor named by: Brenden Field

Class of 2014

“Jonathan Java Crunch”
Coffee ice cream with crumbled Oreos and fudge swirl

Flavor created by: Allison Kucia, Samantha DeSantis, Samantha Diaz, MaryKate Bisaillon, Sally Corpolongo, Garrett Gruber, Caitlin Smith, Katie Cannata, Holly Grota, Christie Scheer, Lauren Kuzdeba, Lindsay Walsh, Jake Crocco, Shane Casey, Julia Karpman, Katherine Violette, Margo Lyga, Allyson Gagne

Flavor named by: Katherine Han

Class of 2013

“Mirror Lake Mint”
Mint ice cream with crumbled Oreos and fudge swirl

Flavor created by: Jessica Borges, Amanda Price, Stephen Plesko, Marissa Valletta, Sara Vanderleest

Flavor named by: Angelo Elia

Class of 2012

Peanut Butter Cookie Swirl
Vanilla ice cream with cookie dough pieces and peanut butter swirl

Flavor created by: Cara Callahan, D’Arcy Flaherty, Danielle Gagliardi, Lydia Johnson, Joseph Kopman-Fried

Flavor named by: Danielle Gagliardi